“Unwavering, Unbroken”


The Resilient Ghana Hatcher is a Start-Up Incubator that seeks to turn your Idea into an actual Business with 6 weeks of Intensive Training and Mentoring.

We are currently accepting Applications for Business Ideas that solve a need in the HEALTH sector.
Kind check back in 3 months if your Business Idea works for another sector other than Health.

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Our Approach
The Resilient Experience


Participating in the RESILIENT GHANA Mentoring Programme has enhanced my knowledge in communication, business, and interpersonal relations. During the Programme, I also won a laptop for emerging as the Most Engaged Mentee for the year 2021 of which I am very grateful.

Alfred Sosu

I always wanted to be a successful person but the road to success is a rocky one. One needs solid guidance and support to reach there. RESILIENT GHANA Mentorship Programme has been super supportive and incredibly instrumental in shaping my career.

The Platform is a space where mentees can be their unique selves and find motivation by connecting with people similar to themselves. RESILIENT GHANA is a place where students’ perspectives are broadened through meaningful discourse from every walk of life. I encourage anyone that is looking for personal growth and strong connections to join the RESILIENT GHANA Mentorship Programme train.

Emmanuel Nti

Sponsors & Partner

Their collective heartbeat to see the youth reach its potential fuels their dedication, contributions and support for our programmes and activities. As a not-for-profit organisation, RESILIENT GHANA rides on the timely gifts from our sponsors and partners to extend needed assistance to the youth and SMEs. Our sponsors have been awesome and we are grateful for your continuous support.

Sponsors & Partners