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The RESILIENT GHANA Mentorship Programme is a nationwide movement with mentors who are seeking to change mindsets and assist their protégés to drive themselves with ambition, self-motivation and build their capacity.

Institutions and reputable organisations also take turns in our weekly/monthly mentorship sessions to share in-depth knowledge on business topics such as ideations, budgeting and financing, business sustainability and leadership.


Mentorship Programme

Major benefits to Mentees include:

  • Empower the youth and reshaping their mindsets
  • Develop their talents through career development
  • Being guided by an experienced person
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Provide career and entrepreneurial guidance
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased self-awareness

Other benefits include:

  • Help develop strong communication skills
  • Provide exposure to new and different perspectives
  • Learn to self-reflect
  • Improve their goal-setting
  • Learning from other people’s experiences
  • Learning to ask good questions
One on One meetings

Traditional One-On-One Mentoring

Here, a mentee is matched to his/her preferred mentor. Mentee-mentor partners participate in a mentoring relationship with structure and timeframe as established by the RESILIENT GHANA mentoring program.

Distance Mentoring

Distance Mentoring

A mentoring relationship in which the mentor and the mentee(s) are in different locations, also known as “virtual” mentoring. This will be done through webinars organised by RESILIENT GHANA.


Group Mentoring

A single mentor is matched with a cohort of mentees. An initial program structure will be provided by RESILIENT GHANA while allowing the mentor to direct progress, pace and activities.

Group Mentoring


In our workshops we will organise sector-specific seminars or small discussion groups where participants will exchange ideas coupled with practical demonstration and application of techniques and skills.

Role of mentor

Role of the Mentor

  • Cultivate in Mentees an appetite for information and application of knowledge
  • Coach and offer career and entrepreneurship guidance
  • Engage Mentees in thought provoking interactions
  • Challenge the Ghanaian youth to change their narratives
role of mentee

Role of the Mentee

  • Join the RESILIENT GHANA movement
  • Be passionate and committed to the mentoring program
  • Actively participate in mentoring sessions
  • Be attentive and interactive during sessions
  • Demonstrate good time management.

Frequently asked questions & support

We created a list with the most commonly asked questions on the programme, for more information, please contact us .

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What topics will a Mentor be expected to mentor on?

Any topic that relates to the industry of the mentor

How will the mentoring sessions happen?

The sessions are held virtually on Zoom every month.

Who is eligible to be mentored?

Anyone that joins RESILIENT GHANA as a Mentee

Do I choose whom I want to mentor for the one-on-one sessions?

You will be linked to Mentees who show interest in your industry or mentoring ability.

How many people at a time will I mentor?

The number stated on the Mentorship Form you filled to join RESILIENT GHANA

How often will I mentor?

One virtual session every month. However, a mentor can opt for more sessions depending on his/her availability.

What are the qualifications to be a mentor?

Should have at least 5years experience in his/her industry of work, with at least 2 years at the management level.

How long does a mentorship session last?

Not more than an hour and 30minutes long (including a Q & A session)

What will I gain from being a Mentor?
  • The chance to market yourself and business to a wide audience of people.
  • Access to a network of accomplished professionals from different industries.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with RESILIENT GHANA on future projects
How long will the Mentorship Programme last?

The Programme will run every year

Would I need to provide my own content?

Yes. You get to decide your content for all your mentorship interactions. We will however provide the platform to host your workshops and webinars.

How do I get a mentee?

Sign up as a mentee on our website and indicate the fields you want to be mentored in

How old do I need to be to participate?

There are no age limits for mentees

Is the Mentorship Programme free?


When does the mentorship start?

The Mentorship Programme has already started. It was officially launched on the 27th of March 2021.

Will I get a certificate after I complete a mentorship class?

Yes certificates will be awarded in the RESILIENT GHANA Mentorship Programme


I always wanted to be a successful person but the road to success is a rocky one. One needs solid guidance and support to reach there. RESILIENT GHANA Mentorship Programme has been super supportive and incredibly instrumental in shaping my career.

The Platform is a space where mentees can be their unique selves and find motivation by connecting with people similar to themselves. RESILIENT GHANA is a place where students’ perspectives are broadened through meaningful discourse from every walk of life. I encourage anyone that is looking for personal growth and strong connections to join the RESILIENT GHANA Mentorship Programme train.

Emmanuel Nti

Participating in the RESILIENT GHANA Mentoring Programme has enhanced my knowledge in communication, business, and interpersonal relations. During the Programme, I also won a laptop for emerging as the Most Engaged Mentee for the year 2021 of which I am very grateful.

Alfred Sosu

As a young Ghanaian nurse, I had always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur but did not know how to go about it until I read about the RESILIENT GHANA Mentorship program on Google.

The programme has provided and continues to provide free webinars with top mentors/organizations from various sectors of industry.

I say “Me Da Mo  Asi ooo

Patrick Kaku Assuah

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This programme is targeted towards mentors, mentees as well as facilitators, to sign up please take a few minutes by telling us a little about you.

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